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Fri, Dec 13, 2013

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Hello everybody and welcome back. . . . . Wasn’t that Amazing???

How are you feeling after the 12/11/2013 presentation? (Please note:  if you missed it you can click on the link just below and scroll down to the bottom for a replay.)

Here’s a link to register for the “Month of Total Transformation”:

Tens of thousands of people have reported experiencing profound results with just one Energy Transmission but Mr. Trivedi wants you to receive greater results and faster transformation.

People have experienced:

  • Inner peace
  • Better health
  • Increased energy
  • Greater happiness
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased financial success
  • A deeper spiritual connection

I want you to know that I have been working with Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Branton for over two years and have experienced amazing changes in my quality of sleep, or constant sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, sadness, depression, calmness, health, finances, anger, emotional trauma, and I have no fear of the future.

The Universe is changing and this is an extraordinary time to be alive.  People understand these changes are happening, and there are millions of people searching on the internet for any kind of remedy or solution regarding emotional trauma, stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, sleeplessness, anger, finances, relationship problems, disease, fear of the future, etc.

99.9% of people on this planet have this common disorder. . . Fear of the future.  Statistics show more than 50% women have emotional trauma. Of course, this is not limited to women only as everyone including men and children have emotional trauma, as well.  My mother was suffering anxiety, sadness and depression over a health issue and had sleeplessness every night, and she was only getting very short naps during the day.  This sleeplessness contributed to her health predicament of stress, sadness and depression.  After the first energy transmission she slept “like a baby”, and this is one of the very common things that occur for most people.  My mother was very thankful, her depression and sadness has lifted, and she was very happy to say the least.

Mr. Trivedi says that if good quality sleep can happen, twenty disorders will disappear and I believe it.  You can get it here.

Over 4,000 science experiments and numerous publications in peer reviewed journals have shown that this energy works perfectly on anything including disease, plants, animals, humans.  There is a history behind this to show without a doubt that it works.

And this is the tip of the iceberg.  Everyone is individual with their own personal results and you will see for yourself the beautiful changes you thought could not be possible for you in a million years.  This is line with a miracle you will think!

This opportunity to experience these two Master Healers is a rare opportunity, and I am giving this information not only for you but for any other people you might think would find this useful in their lives.  This is for sure an opportunity for anyone who can benefit when they are suffering from sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, stress, calmness, health, finance, anger, emotional trauma, disease, fear of the future,  losses, etc.

Mr. Trivedi calls this the Trivedi Effect  —  I want to invite you to join us for a Month of Total Transformation where you can not only experience benefits for yourself, but for your family and friends who will experience the ripple effect.  I am so excited to share this with you.

There is nothing you can lose and everything you can gain.  Nowhere else will you experience this.  This is truly an amazing life giving experience everyone benefits from.  The cost is nominal – for huge changes you cannot get anywhere else! (This is the future.  We are here now to experience it.)

Please bring your friends here to my website and Register (ASAP) as this one month program begins on December 15, 2013 — 9pm EST and 6pm PST.  Check the time for your country’s time zone.

Experience a stress free holiday and experience positive changes quickly – within one month, guaranteed!  That is how confident we are that you WILL see results!

Just click on the red register button, and they will send you the access information at least 24 hours before the webcast starts.

You have nothing to lose – and you have everything to gain!   Again, here’s how to get the amazing benefits:

May you have a blessed holiday, peaceful and successful New Year in every area of your life.

All my best to you,



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