Benefits of Meditation



Benefits of Meditation

Get the Benefits of Meditation – Meditation is mind relaxation and gentle healing and there are many Health Benefits as well as Spiritual Benefits. Some of the Health Benefits of Meditation are as follows:

– Increases Blood Flow and Slows the Heart Rate

– Improves Concentration

– Reduces Anxiety & Emotional Distress

– Decreases Muscle Tension and Headaches

– Builds Self-confidence.

It’s easy to Learn Meditation.  Meditation brings inner peace within our Self and it then extends into the world in a positive way by raising your consciousness.  In getting to know yourself and for transformation, meditation is one of the best methods to bring it about.

Meditation is mind relaxation and a natural self healing process in that it relieves stress. Stress, as we know, can wreak havoc on the body.

Here are some tips to Learn Meditation so you can get the Benefits of Meditation:

– Find a location that is quiet and where you will not be distracted or disturbed. You are looking for five to twenty minutes of undisturbed time.

– Silence all telephones and anything else that might distract you.  If you know you have a certain amount of time to meditate you might set a timer—preferably with a soft tone (remember, meditation is gentle healing) so you are not jolted out of your meditation.

– Sit comfortably and quietly with your spine vertically aligned – with your hands placed gently on your thighs. If you aren’t comfortable sitting on the floor in a lotus position (legs bent and crossed), sitting in a chair is as good. Lying down is not the best position as it is easy to fall asleep. The important thing is that you should be as comfortable as possible for five to twenty minutes (your allotted time to meditate).

– Begin to relax by concentrating on relaxing the muscles in your body.  Spend a few seconds with each of these body parts and you will feel the tension leave your body.  Progressively begin with your toes, your feet, your calves, your thighs, your stomach muscles, your chest, your arms and shoulders, your neck, your jaw, your face, your forehead, your ears and eyebrows and the top of your head – allowing each of these areas of your body to relax.

– Continue to breathe throughout this mind relaxation process by breathing deeply and slowly. If any thoughts come into your mind at this time concentrate on relaxing your body.  As a beginner, you may have many thoughts at first.  Let go of the thoughts and do the best that you can to bring your thoughts to inner peace.  You might say to yourself, I am relaxed, I am calm, I am at peace.

– Upon ending your meditation come back into focus slowly.

Get the Health Benefits of Meditation by starting with as little as five minutes and add a few minutes each day until you can meditate for twenty minutes or more.  You can also keep a written log of your meditations.

There is no particular way to meditate that is right or wrong.  Meditating to soft music is also a way to get the Benefits of Meditation.  Getting started and to learn mind relaxation is the most important thing and you can schedule your meditations at a time that works for you.

Adding a few Daily Affirmations to your day will also help you to begin to see positive changes.

Relax – Buddhist Meditation Music – Zen Garden – Kokin Gumi

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