Daily Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Daily Affirmations

I am the greatest! ~◈~Muhammad Ali

Our thoughts create our world.  Daily affirmations are a great way to change our thinking from a negative to a positive mind.  Every thought we have had or have creates what we have lived in the past, what we live now, and what we will live in the future whether these thoughts are true or whether we believe them or not.

Our subconscious mind is controlling most of our day.  Some of our ideas and beliefs have come from other people who taught is in our early childhood.

However, the people we learned these beliefs from were not enlightened individuals, and we picked up on these beliefs but they are not benefiting us and can be changed with the help of positive daily affirmations.

In fact, we are constantly thinking thoughts that come to be and these thoughts are not, in many cases, beneficial to our growth.  Stagnation becomes the norm when we are caught in unproductive thought processes that keep us running around on the “hamster wheel of life.”

We have a subconscious mind that is running our life and daily affirmations can change our subconscious mind.

Affirmations Work

Affirmations Work

Repeating daily affirmations helps to change the programming of the subconscious mind and helps to change the direction of our life by removing the old negative programming that has been sabotaging our life over and over.

Affirmations can and do empower and transform our life in a very big way.  We will develop a more positive mind about ourself and our beliefs about ourself and create more successes in our life on all levels.

We are still masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls.~◈~ Winston Churchill

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  1. faith Says:

    This is very true, and affirmations can quickly change our way of thinking, creating change in our lives that we could never otherwise dream possible. Affirmations help those of us wanting change in our lives — to become more positive — to increase our happiness, and to also to change our health. Thank you for your comment to my blog. I appreciate you.

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