Fluoride Cocktail

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

Fluoride Cocktail, Health

Faith at Mt. Shasta, March 2010

Faith at Mt. Shasta, Spring Equinox, March, 2010

My Snowman, Mt. Shasta, March, 2010

My Snowman, Mt. Shasta, March, 2010

Fluoride Cocktail

What is a fluoride cocktail?  It is impure drinking water with toxic levels of chemicals.  Do we know the importance of pure and clean drinking water?

Shall we drink the water?

We, in California, have Mt. Shasta at the top of our state.  It majestically stands at 14,161 feet.   I just visited this beautiful mountain which is almost completely covered in snow, and the snow at 6,000 feet is over 8’deep.  Mt. Shasta is in the northern part of the state and the water pouring out of the mountain has the cleanest taste you will experience in mountain water.  This water is the best drinking water.  This is what we think of when we read a label that says ‘spring bottled water.’

The headwaters of the Sacramento River begin at Mt. Shasta. The best drinking water is pure, cold, refreshing and flouride-free water, which flows with intensity from this majestic and pristine mountain.

We are not getting this water in its purest form from water suppliers.  We are getting our water as a fluoride cocktail from water distributors who sell us contaminated fluoride cocktail water at a high price — why?  Who knows?  I would like to know why wouldn’t you?

Bottled water companies are not required to notify their customers of contaminants in the water.  They are not required to tell their customers where the water comes from, and they are not required to tell the customer how the water is purified. They are not required to tell the customer if the water is spring water or if the water is tap water.

Even in the city of Mt. Shasta, stores sell bottled fluoride cocktail water just like any other place in the U.S. or in the world?  How could this be, you might ask?  Who knows?

Laboratory tests conducted at one of the country’s leading water quality laboratories found 38 contaminants in ten brands of bottled water purchased from grocery stores and other retailers in nine states and the District of Columbia. The pollutants identified include common urban waste water pollutants like caffeine and pharmaceuticals, an array of cancer-causing byproducts from municipal tap water chlorination, heavy metals and minerals including arsenic and radioactive isotopes, fertilizer residue and a broad range of industrial chemicals and bacteria.

In my opinion, toxic levels are any levels of toxins, and we all drink water and thereby ingest these toxins at toxic levels.  The reason I say this is because it is not acceptable for us to be ingesting toxins.

Toxic levels of anything we ingest affects our brain and every organ and cell in our body.

Is there any water on the market that is “spring bottled water”?

“It’s buyer beware with bottle water,” said Jane Houlihan, Vice President for Research at Environmental Working Group. “The bottled water industry promotes its products as pure and healthy, but our tests show that pollutants in some popular brands match the levels found in some of the nation’s most polluted big city tap water systems. Consumers can’t trust that what’s in the bottle is anything more than processed, pricey tap water.”

The bottled water industry markets their product as somehow safer or more pure than tap water, and it appears to be untrue. Are we paying the water industry to poison our children and us?  How long will we participate in our demise at the hands of the water giants?

The earth is 70.8% water and 29.2% land.  The human body is approximately the same percentages as that of the earth, which is 2/3 water and 1/3 solid mass.  Do we realize that water is more important to our bodies than food?  Do we realize that we are drinking toxic fluoride cocktail water?

Americans paid $12 billion to drink 9 billion gallons of bottled water last year alone. Yet, as Environmental Working Group tests show, several bottled waters have chemicals the same as any standard municipal water treatment — a cocktail of fluoride, chlorine and other disinfectants whose proportions vary only slightly from plant to plant. So that means that bottled water was chemically almost identical to tap water. The major difference — the price tag. The cost of a gallon of bottled water is $3.79 – 1,900 times the cost of a gallon of public tap water – and more than a gallon of gasoline.

With promotions of images of mountain spring waters and prices almost 2,000 times the cost of tap water, we are obviously led to believe that we are buying a product that has been purified to a level beyond the water that comes out of our own faucets.

The residue from fluoride and other petro chemicals releasing from the plastic bottle itself are contaminating our bodies — not to mention the contaminants coming from our water faucets from city water systems that contain fluoride cocktail water plus more chemicals for us to bathe.

Things to think about:

Chemicals:  How many do we want our children and us to ingest and to bathe in?

Think about how much better we would feel and how much better we would think without chemicals in our bodies.

Will we ever have the best drinking water available for us to drink at an affordable price?

“We need to drink water, and as long as we participate in purchasing bottled water, we are supporting the water industry and ensuring their future and not our own.” ~Faith Pyka

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