Hands Across America

Mon, Mar 1, 2010

Family, Hands Across America

Hands Across the World

Hands Across the World

Hands Across America. . .

giving . . .

Hands Across the World!

God’s Blessings!

We are the World . . . We are the Children. . . . of God.

We are all God’s Children.

We must come together as One — Every Day.

We are a part of God’s great big family and All U Need is Love.

By the choices we are making, we are saving our own lives.

We are the world united by LOVE, we are connected by a common bond. . . LOVE.

God is Love.

Why do you think things like the earthquake in Haiti happen?  Why did the Earthquake on Friday happen in Chile?

Is God shaking us up, again. . . and again. . .  making us think. . . seeing if we will learn from these lessons?  What are the lessons?

Why do things happen to us that make us stop and think, stop and change, stop and be somebody else for a moment, or stop and be changed forever?

We are all here to receive God’s blessings.

Love is the only thing that can make changes in you, in others, and in the world.  God loves us and wants us to connect with Him.  You and I alike, have a yearning in our hearts with a desire to connect with God.  That is how He designed us.

If we listen in silence… all the answers we need are there for us.” —Unknown

“One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.” –John Wanamaker

“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” –Helen Keller

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”—Mahatma Gandhi

“If you can’t feed one hundred people, then feed just one.” –Mother Teresa

“And now these three remaining; faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is Love.” –I Corinthians 13:13

“We love Him because He first loved us.” — I John 4:19

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