Supreme Body – Mother Earth

Supreme Body - Mother Earth

Supreme Body - Mother Earth

Supreme Body – Mother Earth

The Earth is the Lord’s and all that it holds, the world and all its inhabitants. ~Psalm 24:1

It’s not about Earth day or Earth week.  It’s about every day of every week and it’s about every week of every year and it’s about every year throughout eternity.  It’s about the Supreme Body – Mother Earth that we must live on for our survival and evolution.

While living on a farm in Wisconsin with my family, my mom and dad would plant trees, plow the fields to grow crops and practice strip farming, plant the garden, plant fruit trees, pick wild berries and mushrooms.  They also hunted for squirrels, rabbits and deer to feed our family.  We lived off the land and we took care of her.  I miss being that close to Mother Earth and the give and take we enjoyed while living on the farm.  These things were important to my family and remain so.

Our Mother Earth – the Supreme Body – is a living and loving body housing God’s Kingdoms of which we are a part.

This love applies to the Human Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom alike.  We must express a deep respect and gratitude for our Beloved Mother Earth who is willingly and lovingly hosting our evolution.

There are four main Kingdoms of God known tangibly to us.  Each Kingdom works within (and together with) all the other Kingdoms on Mother Earth.  When we disavow things in any of these four Kingdoms it creates an imbalance in our Mother Earth of which we are utilizing.

We’re not the only species on Earth, however we are the species on Earth caring for the other Kingdoms, and the truth is we seem to be doing poorly at  being responsible for these four major Kingdoms on the Supreme Body – our precious Mother Earth, and this is what they look like:

1) Human Kingdom:  Hate, greed, wars, government bureaucracy and over-taxation, robbery, crimes, physical abuse, child abuse, mental abuse, starvation, killings.

2) Animal Kingdom:  Animal abuse, animals abused and suffering endless pain through science and research labs repeating the same experiments year after year for grant monies (which come from our taxes) caging & torturing of animals, encroachment in animal habitats, abandonment and dumping, killing to extinction.

3) Plant Kingdom:  Stripping forests of all trees thereby stripping animal habitats (habitats for everything from bugs, to squirrels, to wild horses, deer, elk, bears, elephants, monkeys, the cat family) and creating oxygen loss and deluding people into believing it isn’t happening, chopping down 12,000 year old redwood trees (the consequences yet to be determined) the use of chemicals and pesticides and dumping trash.

4) Elemental Kingdom: Literally taking down mountains and stripping mines of precious metals, ores, etc. and oil supplies, polluting the water and air leaving marine birds and animals coughing and burping up chemicals, oil, and you name it.

We can liken it to our body.  If we were designed to live without our gall bladder, tonsils, appendix or whatever organ the medical world thinks they can remove and thinks we can still live healthy lives without, then God would have had us not have these organs in the first place. While we need our organs to live – the Supreme body (Mother Earth) needs the Kingdoms intact for her survival – these are the organs of the Supreme Body.

Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” is the Golden Rule. Using more than you need and abusing what is precious to others is not applying the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule (a rule known and practiced by all religions of the world) needs to be applied for all sentient beings and not just for the human kingdom.

The animal kingdom has a very close and personal relationship with the Supreme Body and animals are especially connected to our Mother Earth.  We, as humans, are caretakers of all the kingdoms of the Supreme Body, and she is hosting us on Her Body.  We cannot own any of it, and we are borrowing it, and it is to be given back because “we cannot take any of it with us.”  We live here for a few short years, and Mother Earth is here forever.  Mother Earth has been here for approximately 4.6 billion years. It is our responsibility to give back to her that which we have borrowed for our existence here.  We must be respectful and honor her for her help in our evolution.

The Supreme Body, our Earth Mother is Sovereign.  We must take care of her for when we hurt her we hurt ourselves.  It all belongs to God, and we are passing the Supreme Body of Mother Earth on to the next generation.  By raising our consciousness we will raise our awareness about the importance in keeping Mother Earth healthy and whole.

We are on a sojourn to the planet Earth – that is, we are a temporary resident expected to take care with all the resources provided for our use while we are here.  Going green applies to all of the Kingdoms of God on the Supreme Body for it is our Mother Earth.

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.” ~Unknown

“Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky, we fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness.” ~Kahlil Gibran

“When you take care of the land, the land will nourish you.” ~Hawaiian Huna saying

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