New Year’s Dreams & Goals – January 1, 2010

New Year/NewYork

New Year/NewYork

New Year’s Dreams & Goals  — January 1, 2010

The end of 2009 is here and once again you will hear family and friends speaking about New Year’s resolutions and planning goals and making changes in their lives.  I like to call them New Year’s Dreams & Goals.

New Year at the Capital

New Year at the Capital

Did you know that about 75% of the people who make New Year’s Resolutions or Dreams & Goals keep them within the 1st week, and after six months 46% of the people who have made a New Year’s Resolution keep them. That is really great!

What do people resolve to do with these Dreams and Goals?  The one’s at the top of the list are to lose weight or to go on a diet, to quit smoking, to get into shape, to get a new job, to eat right, and to save money, to become more spiritual, etc.  Gee, I’ve made all these my goals in past years.  What New Year’s Goal would you guess to be number one?

Since a resolution is ultimately a goal, and people who set goals are more likely to attain their
goal(s), New Year’s Dreams & Goals appears to be quite a good thing.

Things to think about in setting a New Year’s Dreams & Goals 2010:

We’re not perfect and change doesn’t always happen overnite.  When making a mistake while
doing your goal, don’t throw in the towel — keep going from there.

When it comes to losing weight or quitting smoking you might repeat something like “I can have
one/it if I want one, but I really don’t want one.”  I was a smoker and quit two times using this line while carrying a pack with me.

If one becomes so strict in desperately wanting to quit smoking or to lose 20 lbs. for example, you will create the opposite.  Going on a diet is setting one up for failure.  Eating properly is the best way to lose unwanted pounds.  However, if you must diet — prepare to eat properly once you have lost weight in order to keep the pounds off.  Balance is the Key and consider it to be a life change.

We have heard of emotional eating, and in dealing with our emotions we can see changes in our weight – that is drops in weight.  Many of the things we do and the way we think are based on negative emotions.  Remember, your thoughts create your reality.  You are what you think.  You create your reality.

Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” — Nadezhda Mandelstam, Russian writer.

“You’ll never achieve your dreams if they don’t become goals.” ~Anonymous

I have many goals for the next 6 months like taking a trip to an unusual place, and I’d really like to know if you are planning goals or what your New Year’s Dreams & Goals are if you will share them with me.  Please use the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting,  and I wish you and your family a very, happy New Year.

Remember New Year’s Eve New York – 2009 – It looked like so much fun!

Sydney Australia’s Last New Year’s Eve — Amazing!!  What will they do this year to top this?

New Year’s Dreams & Goals

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