The Health Robbers – Nutritional Stress & Balance



The Health Robbers – Nutritional Stress & Balance

Stress is something we think about as external – a way of being – too busy or too overworked or – not enough time in a day to get everything done.

There is an inner stress as well, that is placed on each and every cell in our body — all 50 – 70  trillion of them.

Our nervous system monitors everything within our 5 senses and is processed to our brain back to the body.  For example, when you are hungry there is an internal communication from the stomach to the brain asking for food.  This is all done through chemicals in the body transmitting signals about its needs.

Our body system wants to be in balance and is always  at work trying to balance body, mind, and spirit.

When the body wants food and we put into our body that which the body cells cannot use such as processed, chemicalized foods, it stresses the body – because the nutrients aren’t there to assist the body to stay in a balanced position.  But, neither are the enzymes, which our body so desperately needs, and which are naturally in fresh/unprocessed foods, therefore the body is very stressed at working to process what is foreign to it.

We have to wonder when processed food has an expiration date two years out into the future, don’t we?  What chemicals are preserving it up to that time?

Processed, chemicalized foods are the Health Robbers! Cancer is a major cause of death in this country.  Most people go to the doctor for cancer checks.

You see, the bottom line is, our bodies are not meant to digest foreign chemicals.  Our bodies are looking for nutrients to build on.

Sodium nitrates are used in processed foods, and this is a chemical that is injected into rats in laboratories to give them cancer.

Our body is not a machine that needs a few drops of oil – it has nutritional needs that must be met.  When we can understand that the body cannot tolerate anything less than the correct nutrients, we will then learn to change what we put into our body.  Our body is expecting us to feed it what it needs to keep it in balance.

A stressed and starved body contributes to a stressed and starved mind.

Many people are not thinking about the nutritional requirements of the cells in the body and this is understandable with the food on the grocery store shelves – we become easily sidetracked by the marketing of processed foods and with the ease of preparation.

Obesity in our country can be attributed to nutritional distress.

The best thing to remember is that you are in control of your health – and no one else is.  You give up control of your health when you purchase processed foods.

We can and must change the way we treat our body, mind and spirit so that we can live a healthy fulfilling life as God meant for us — as it should.

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