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It is possible to have a positive attitude even when things aren’t always that way.  There is always something good to be found in something that is not so positive. We learn from those negative pictures and experiences.

There are many negative images going on in the world today that don’t make us happy when we hear about them.  We have a war going on, and there are natural disasters, the economy, politicians, and political issues, accidents, poverty, marriage and family issues, personal issues, etc.   You might find you often get caught up discussing these negatively.

If we can have a positive attitude many things do not appear to be as negative as we might think.

Life is a learning experience, and we can not have positive without negative anymore than we can have up without down, or success without failure.

You attract to yourself that which you are.  Since like attracts like, if you think with a negative attitude and negative thought that is what you get back.

If you curse or damn someone or something – Cancel it and correct yourself by saying the opposite. Learn to live the higher life daily.

You will be amazed to see how people react to you with a positive attitude — if you put a smile on your face —  say hello to people — ask them how their day is going –thank them for their help.  Make someone’s day — it will make you feel better.

People are so caught up in living the busi-ness of their own lives they have no time to really take care of “the business of people.”   We are here on this earth for each other — to interact with, to learn from, and to help each other.

If we rise above, and if we have a positive attitude and learn to help, to acknowledge, to praise, to accept and to love people for who they are — as we are all connected — we will be creating an enlightened world.

Do you have a positive attitude? Do you know of anyone who is very positive/negative?  Do you know anyone who has changed and has seen a big improvement in his or her life because of the change from negative to positive?  I would really love to hear your comments.

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