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Sat, Mar 13, 2010

Health, Healthy Detox

Faith Pyka

Faith Pyka

Healthy Detox

The Wellness of your body increases the wellness of your mind, your soul, your spirit.

Did you know — we are exposed to over 300 chemicals before we even leave our house for work every day?  These chemicals are from the toxic chemical products like the foods we eat, the beverages we drink, the soaps and shampoos we use, the laundry detergents, the hair sprays, perfumes, pet products, carpets and on and on.  Then, as we go through our day, we pick up hundreds more chemicals through the air, water, food, carpets, etc., and the air that we breath.  These chemicals affect our immune system in many ways. There is a way to do a healthy detox.

One of the many reasons we have so many sick people in this country is that our bodies are on toxic overload because of toxic chemical products.  Our immune system is not able to detox the body on its own, and there are detox products that can be used to cleanse the body.

It must be understood that  our body system can no longer do it on its own because of the overload. Is your body on overload? Are your children’s bodies on overload?

Our children are growing and they need good food to produce good healthy brain cells, and blood cells.  If they are not given the proper nutrition, they become sick.  We are to a point where we must cleanse the body of our children to bring their health back.

Autism is on the rise like never before, and it is due to chemical ingestion/vaccines.  Look at this autism information:

There are 4 Major Conditions found in every Autistic Child:

1) Toxin Overload – This creates a domino effect as the immune system works desperately and      unsuccessfully to get rid of toxins – this affects the brain function and eventually initiates an autoimmune response.

2) Brain Cell Deficiency – poor protein digestion due to toxic overload.

3) Immune System Inflammation (Part of the immune system is the stomach) – Gas, bloating and inflammation.  The body has no way to protect itself.

4) Damaged Myelin Sheath and Exposed Nerves – causing pain.

Autism is preventable if toxic exposure is reduced.

This exposure to toxic chemical products and foods has our bodies so toxic, yet we keep using chemical products and eating processed foods that food manufacturers place in front of us on the grocery store shelves. By purchasing the products at the grocery store we are supporting the food manufacturers, and we are not supporting our family’s health.

There is hope for us – we can use healthy detox products to cleanse the body and eat less or avoid processed foods – and in the future make healthier food choices for ourselves and for our children.

One way to pull toxins out of the body is through the feet.  I am so impressed with the Pro Ion Detox Foot Spa. This Spa pulls the toxins out of the body, and you can see the results immediately.  It is fantastic!  There are detox products for cleansing the body and for detoxing heavy metals as well.

It is imperative that we eliminate harmful toxins and cleanse the body as fast as possible. The body can not absorb the required nutrients when the body is in toxic overload.

When the body is toxic, the healing energy of the body is being used to try to eliminate the toxins – which is a full time job – and this healing energy could be used elsewhere in the body but the toxic overload does not allow the body to do its job.  In other words, toxins stop the body system from going to other areas that need to be healed – like the immune system.

Lemon detox:

Lifting the Toxic Burdens from the Body

Do you have a toxic home?

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