Emotional Control – Part 2

Fri, Nov 6, 2009

Emotional Control - Part 2

Faith Pyka

Faith Pyka

Emotional Control
Part 2

I am sure you have heard of the phrase you are what you think”.  Because we are taught and programmed to believe parents, teachers, clergy, and peers, television and our own experiences — that is a true fact!

If you are always angry – you have probably thought you have an anger disorder and need anger management therapy, or anger management kids – for your kids.

Because we have this internal programming, these mental blocks prevent us from managing to have great relationships and even satisfactory spiritual development and growth.

Most people do not know these blocks even exist.

Sometimes a person can gradually realize some of the limitations and work some of them out by trial and error.  One could even spend a lifetime or two working on his or her own — trying to remove all the blocks and never have all of them removed.

Some people spend their life in therapy.  People have been known to easily spend 20 or more years in therapy never figuring out or changing negative emotions or finding out what the problem really is.

Most of our reactions are from issues dealing with fears, and phobias that we’ve accumulated along the path of life – locked in our subconscious mind — ingrained within each and every cell of our being.

Issues of abandonment, love and being loved, self-worth and trust are high on the list of old hurts and this is where we try to maintain emotional control.  But, it usually comes out of us in other ways such as in fear, anger, hate and resentment toward family or at work or with other people in our lives.

A MEGA Key to a healthy Body, Mind and Spirit is to release all negative emotions, past hurts and guilts.

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