Emotional Control – Part 1

Faith Pyka
Faith Pyka

Emotional Control
Part 1

We all pretty much have all emotions memorized or imprinted on our body cells from very early childhood years. They are locked in there! And we maintain emotional control.

We are here on this earth to love and be loved.  Sometimes that just doesn’t work out at all times.  Because we are humans, we sometimes get into arguments and conflicts that result in painful emotional feelings that we hold on to.

At early ages, our emotions and feelings start forming.  We were often reprimanded, either verbally, or by being spanked or punished in some way for doing the wrong thing – and we were left with feelings of being a bad person.

When we started our first year of school, we may have had conflicts with other children causing us to have different emotions, as these were some of our first social experiences to occur.

We are emotionally bruised at very young ages. The programming becomes internalized and locked inside our body and becomes an integral part of who we are, and we control emotions as we get older – or not!

These emotions remain with us – and we build onto these locked in emotions throughout the years of our lives.  We continue moving through life and adding on to these negative emotions, beliefs and responses to these early life experiences.

Our experiences and beliefs become a pattern that we live by – affecting our strong feelings of inferiority and lack of self-esteem.  We do and have the same reactions over and over and over again because of past hurts – and get the same results over and over again in our relationships as we maintain emotional control.  We don’t know we are even doing it – it is automatic – it has become a part of our body chemistry – it has been built into us from the time we started getting this negative input.

Usually, we don’t like it, but we don’t know how to change it.

How do You handle your emotions?

We can change it and release these emotions.

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